Men’s Used Sheer Socks – Coming Soon!

Posted by Jason on December 23, 2018
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Men’s Used Sheer Socks For Sale I will be adding men’s well worn sheer socks soon. I am very excited to be able to provide these for my customers. Multiple colors and cuts will be available. Stay tuned!
Terrance is our Sock Jock of the Month! Terrance enjoys working out, sailing, camping, and watching NASCAR. You can usually find Terrance sitting on the back porch of his home, drinking beer and relaxing on the weekends. He likes to keep things simple and laid back. Terrance used to compete nationally in IFBB Bodybuilding competitions from 2004 – 2013 (back when he shaved his body). Then, he decided it was time to settle down and
I know, I know. We’ve been slacking off on the sock jock of the month postings! But, we have had some exciting things happen during that time. We will be making a post about the new changes coming soon. Our sock jock month for February is Freddy T. Freddy currently works in accounting and is going to school for his Masters in business. He hopes to own his own business one day, particularly something in

Sock Jock of the Month – Aaron

Posted by Jason on November 30, 2017
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So here at we are doing something special and new – we will be posting a “Sock Jock of the Month.” Some of our guys wish to not show their face, and that’s understandable, so we will be doing a profile on them, sharing fun facts and more. Leave a comment below if this is something you’d like to see. For the Month of December our Sock Jock is Aaron T. Aaron is a

Buying Men’s Socks Made Easy

Posted by Jason on September 30, 2017
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Men’s Used Socks shouldn’t be such a hassle to buy online. All the back and forth small talk that usually accompanies direct transactions on other sites usually wastes time, especially for the seller. That’s why I’ve created this website, as a place to make it easy for both buyer and seller.