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Our current wait time is between 3 – 4 weeks. This is a higher than normal wait time, and is due to the large number of multi-sock orders recently. If you are not willing to wait this long for your order, please check back at a later date. We are expecting orders to slow down as fall comes. We try to get through orders as fast as possible, but we don’t take shortcuts, so that’s why there’s a longer delay. Feel free to browse and order, but just be aware of the longer wait times. As always, we appreciate all your support! I will update this page once we get through most of these orders.



All socks are shipped in a sealed zip lock bag directly after being worn for the time specified on the sock listing page. All socks are shipped semi sweaty & smelly (unless you specify otherwise) and are ONLY worn in shoes, NEVER on the floor/ground directly. We can also ship more sweaty, or dry, and/or less smelly/less days of wear- please let us know in the “Notes” section on your order what your preference is – we are very flexible and are happy to accommodate your needs- thank you!).

Current Special: Buy any pair of sheer socks, get a free pair of ankle socks (excludes semi sheer)

Now Accepting Payment via Cashapp for customers who need a 100% discreet payment option. Contact me for more information.

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My name is Jason and welcome to my site. I wanted to create a site where I could sell my own used, well worn socks, and I’ve added a few friends’ socks too. So, take a look around, have fun, and if you have any questions, please email me at For custom requests, please email me first. I recommend reading the FAQ page.