I hope that this information helps to answer some of your questions. I have some of this information on the website already, but people don’t seem to read anything these days. 

Your Order Will Be Shipped Discreetly.

All orders are packaged in a plain mailer, with a company name on the return address that isn’t related to the store at all. Furthermore, the site’s name will not be on anything inside the package. We usually send out thank you notes with orders.

Be Prepared to Be Patient.

All socks are worn after you place your order. Because these are essentially “custom” items, i.e. they take 3 days on average to “create”, chances are there will be some orders in queue already when you order. If you want to know the exact wait time, feel free to contact me before ordering. If you are not willing to wait 2 – 2.5 weeks for your order, then I suggest you order somewhere else. We are a high volume site, so it’s pretty much expected that you will have to wait at least 1.5 – 2 weeks. Even after sending an estimate of when your order will be shipped, it can still take a week longer depending on multiple factors (socks needing to be worn longer, etc.). We don’t skimp on quality.

Naturally, if you order extra days of wear or multiple socks in one order, then this will take longer to prepare. So expect a longer wait time. Some customers are happy to wait and prefer that we take our time on the orders. This is a used sock store, after all!

Our Foot Sizes.

I get a lot of people asking about the size of our feet. Here you go:
Jason (me): 11, sometimes 11.5
David: 11
Freddy: 10.5
Aaron: 9.5
Matthew: 10

Our Socks.

All socks are shipped in a sealed zip lock bag directly after being worn for the time specified on the sock listing page. All socks are shipped semi sweaty & smelly (unless you specify otherwise) and are ONLY worn in shoes, NEVER on the floor/ground directly. We can also ship more sweaty, or dry, and/or less smelly/less days of wear- please let us know in the “Notes” section on your order what your preference is – we are very flexible and are happy to accommodate your needs- thank you!).

For more information about shipping and other general info, please read our FAQ page.