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Best seller here at for over a year now. David’s black socks get the most repeat orders. Because of the high demand, shipment times might be just a little longer, but if you ask previous purchasers- it’s well worth the wait!

Enjoy the aroma of David’s sweaty feet with these well worn black socks, regular style cut. David will wear these for 3 days.


Best seller here at for over a year now. David’s black socks get the most repeat orders. Because of the high demand, shipment times might be just a little longer, but if you ask previous purchasers- it’s well worth the wait!

Enjoy the aroma of David’s sweaty feet with these well worn black socks, regular style cut. David will wear these for 3 days.

27 reviews for Black Socks – David

  1. Xiu Chan

    Your socks were absolutely amazing. Just put in another order, hope you don’t go anywhere, you have the best socks!

  2. Joker22802003 (verified owner)

    Definitely the best socks so far. Will definitely order from again.

  3. Tony (verified owner)

    Do they get washed before shipping?

    • Jason

      Hi Tony,

      Of course not 🙂

  4. K (verified owner)

    So fucking good. Amazing smell, so hot. And really great customer service.

  5. John

    They stink so bad love them how long do you wear them to get so rank ? And do you deliver in person and strip the socks off your feet before the buyer

    • Jason

      Hi John,

      You can see the number of days worn on the sock seller’s listing. Or, if you order extra days, just add that to the number of days listed on the seller’s listing page. We do not deliver in person- this is strictly an online business, designed to be hassle free for both the seller and the buyer.

      Thanks for your review and message!

  6. philip.du1990 (verified owner)

    Best socks I’ve ever had!

  7. TONY

    love stinky socks

  8. Craig Lennox

    David’s socks knock me off my feet!!

  9. tony

    those smely socks are great

  10. Drew

    Okay so I know these aren’t the cheapest socks on the site but MAN OH MAN these socks were totally worth it!!! Do you guys do any type of monthly subscription service where I can get a pair from David auto shipped to me??? I’d be down for it! Please let me know.



    • Jason

      Hi Drew,

      Thank you for your comment. We do have a monthly subscription service, we charge you upfront for 3 months at a time. Or you can choose to do 6 months at a time, or even 12. You can even choose to have different sellers send you socks, for example, if you wanted socks from 2 sellers that you choose. You can contact me if you have any questions or would like to go ahead and set this up!

  11. Aleks

    Hi David, I received your socks, they smell amazing 😉 Thank you for your effort to make them really smelly, I appreciate 😉 Your socks are best I ever had and worth every dollar!

  12. Rien

    Is this pic really the person who ACTUALLY wears them? If so I’ll order but how are we supposed to know they are not being worn by some over weight fat man?

    • Jason


      Thanks so much for your question. I know you have emailed me already and I’ve replied, but I will answer on here in case others are wondering the same thing.

      First, some sellers prefer to show certain photos of themselves for their listings. Some buyers simply prefer to have a bit of “mystery” about the seller they are buying from. By showing every little thing, it takes away from the buyer’s potential fantasy.

      Second, we simply don’t have the time to email EVERY single person photos back and forth, and 9 times out of 10, the person wants more and more photos (foot photos, progress photos, custom videos). It becomes never ending. This is neither profitable nor a constructive use of time for us. This is why we do not offer extra photos on any listings. This is also why this website runs extremely efficiently. We list socks, buyer purchases, we ship them.

      Thirdly, we must respect the privacy of the seller. In David’s case, he doesn’t want a lot of photos of him floating around on the Internet. For me personally, it doesn’t bother me as much but you will also notice that I am always wearing sunglasses in photos because I do not want my full identity to be revealed. *Some* sellers may be married or have families of their own, and this could also be another reason to not have a lot of photos, etc.

      At the end of the day, if you don’t feel comfortable purchasing, then that’s totally cool. It’s ultimately up to you what you decide to do. I can assure you that all photos are of the sellers.

      Thanks for stopping by and let me know if I can answer any other questions! Also, be sure to check out our FAQ page:


  13. Jack

    I am wondering if david offer any sheer socks

    • Jason

      Hi Jack,

      Right now, he is only offering what’s on the website.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  14. Dante (verified owner)

    His socksss are sooo amazing !!! I received my order recently and instantly opening the package I could smell the strong funky ,sweaty manly foot odor . I’ve had the socks for about 1 week now and theyre still very potent . I definitely will be buying more !!! Ughhhh they’re so great .

  15. arthurbosa (verified owner)

    David’s socks were totally worth the wait! Still damp out of the bag… Extremely potent. Highly recommend!

  16. Rob Matteucci (verified owner)

    I received David’s socks yesterday, the socks are amazing. Nice strong scent. Will order more

    • Jason

      Thank you for your review, Rob!

  17. mike (verified owner)

    I received the socks today : everything was perfect, the smell, the packaging, the speed of sending … thanks also to David for his kind accompanying message. I will surely order again.

  18. Bruce (verified owner)

    David’s socks are the best.. My partner is way into sweaty feet, so I wear them and he absolutely loves David’s scent.. I don’t know how Dave does it, but he delivers a great product.

  19. Hanstoes (verified owner)

    Oh Yeah. My nose will be buried in these socks night after night for a long time! Scent Heaven . . . OMG!

  20. Collin (verified owner)

    Great, I never thought I’d be the one to buy dude’s smelly socks online and I was a little skeptical, but these were perfect. Got here pretty quickly too! Thanks David.

  21. Taylor Lucas (verified owner)

    David’s socks were great and this site has wonderful customer service! Very discreet, which I appreciate.

  22. Sean (verified owner)

    I was beyond surprised and impressed. Well worth the wait. By far. Wasn’t expecting the little note that came with the socks. Which I thought was very cool. Thank You.

  23. pasquale cesaro (verified owner)

    the smell man made me cream my pants ty davivd

  24. Jenko

    These socks were divine! Extremely potent. Loved the option to add extra days of wear. Worth the wait and will be ordering more very soon…. thanks again David 🙂

  25. Salvatore Mancino (verified owner)

    Nice scent right out of the bag. The smell intensified as they dried! I wish they had stiffened up when dry, very soft. Thanks David!

  26. Mike

    There’s only 1 pic. No bare feet or anything. Seems sketchy

    • Jason

      I’m not sure why you left a review when you haven’t even ordered any socks from this website. If you read the FAQ page you will see that some sellers only like to show one photo, this has actually worked quite well in their selling strategy – also, sometimes showing bare feet leaves little left for the buyer’s imagination. If you have further questions about this selling strategy, you are always welcome to contact me directly via email and I can address the concerns you have. At the end of the day though, if you don’t feel comfortable ordering from this site or any site for that matter, then simply don’t do it. No need to leave low rating reviews for comments that could have been sent directly to me or left on a blog post.

  27. John (verified owner)

    Worth the wait! David’s socks are super smelly and sweaty. Super strong stinky and manly smell hits you as soon as you open the bag.

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