Casual CK Socks – David

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Worn for 3 days. Perfect for buyers who love white socks!


Worn for 3 days. Perfect for buyers who love white socks!

4 reviews for Casual CK Socks – David

  1. James (verified owner)

    Purchased a pair of white CK used socks and the moment I opened them the manly feet smell was strong. I highly recommend purchasing from David I had a great time with them. Also left a nice message included with the socks expressing a polite thank you note. What a champion! Thanks David I’ll be definitely coming back for more soon ??

    • Jason

      James, thank you for your review! Glad you enjoyed the CKs from David!

  2. williamycwong (verified owner)

    These socks are amazing! I really enjoyed opening the bag and having that strong feet aroma hit you in the face. The personalized message was a nice touch too. Thank you David! Definitely worth it in my opinion!

  3. Will (verified owner)

    These are some powerful socks. They seem unassuming until you open the ziplock, and the smell hits you in the face, strong and pungent. I’m very impressed with them. Thank you David! Now I’m beginning to wonder what happens if he wears them for more than a week…

    • Jason

      Thank you for your review, Will! If you’d like David to wear them longer than a week, send me an email and we can workout a discount for you!

  4. Tyler

    I love David’s white socks!! These socks were so soft and the aroma was heavenly. You can see the stains of sweat on the socks too. Just perfect!! They were def worth the wait. I will be ordering more very soon.

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