Men’s Used Sheer Socks

Men’s Worn Sheer Socks – Perfect for those with a Sheer Sock Fetish!

Currently, I have 6 styles of men’s worn sheer socks. I have a sheer blue style, crew cut, a pink sheer, crew cut length, a red sheer which is short cut, and a black sheer style, crew cut length and a blue sheer style, also crew cut length. I also have a fun yellow sheer pair, which hasn’t been listed yet. These 5 styles are quite thin and get sweaty very fast. You can find them in these links:

If you are interested in the yellow pair and don’t see it up on the site yet, just shoot me an email and I’d be glad to take care of you.

The 6th style I have currently is a very nice men’s business dress sheer sock, with nice ridges and textures. You can find that listing here.

Coming Soon: Men’s Used Sheer White Socks 


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