Men’s Well Worn Socks – Exciting News!

Men’s Used Socks for Sale

Selling Men’s Well Worn Socks online can be tough, especially with sites like ebay shutting listings down all of the time. So, it’s official. I am changing the format of this website. Instead of me just selling my socks, I am offering a chance for others to list their socks on here. Once a potential seller passes all of my strict verification tests, I will then give them the opportunity to list used socks for sale on my site. But, it’s ultimately up to the customers to tell me what they like, so if you do not like the idea of multiple guys selling used socks on here, please leave a comment below, or email me. 

The guys I have hand selected (from various inquiries about selling their used socks on my site) are going to have their sock photos listed soon (hopefully by tomorrow) so you will be able to purchase them.

Here at, I want to make purchasing men’s well worn socks easy and fun. I also want to let everyone know that I do indeed ship International orders! If you are outside of the United States, no problem! I am still working out the kinks (haha no pun intended) for the site, and hope to have everything finalized by mid Oct.

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